W i n e s

C a b e r n e t S a u v i g n o n

It conveys uniqueness and character as expected, as it is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, brought to the surface in its deep red color appearance and the taste of red fruits in its body.

We experience a striking and at the same time well-embedded alcohol level, wwell aligned with the aromas of cherry, red fruit and blueberry leaves, complemented by the unmistakable notes of dark chocolate, vanilla, mint and cloves.

The taste reveals the treasures of the body in the form of cherries, coffee, vanilla,dark chocolate and cloves, harmonized by a creamy, long-lasting aftertaste.

I t a l i a n R i e s l i n g

One of our outstanding white wine is the Italian Riesling.

In its appearance, the freshness is reflected by the pale green hue of its color.

In its scent we can discover the notes of citrus fruits, apricots and nectarines, which is surrounded by a pleasant almond scent.

When tasted, the pleasant aromas of the almonds further enhances and spices the experience, complemented by a soft taste of grapefruit.

The aftertaste is a mild harmony of the flavors accompanied by a right acid level and a well-incorporated alcohol.

C a b e r n e t S a u v i g n o n R o s é

A real rosé specialty that carries the noble values of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Its color is magnificent with shades that are reminiscent of pink salmon.

It is characterized by a moderate level of acid and alcohol, which creates a really pleasant and fresh feeling in the consumer.

The truly forward-breaking character is to be discovered in the fragrance notes, where the distinguished presence of strawberry and cherry scents are takoing over, which is gently complemented by capsicum and blood orange.

The elements of the fragrance return to the taste, completed by an exciting aroma of ripe pepper.

F r u i t y C u v e e

This remarkable blend has its base in Fetească Regală (Royal Maiden) grape variety, which foreground flavours are fine-tuned by the Muscat and Traminer.

The freshness of the wine is accompanied by a low-tuned alcohol level, which is perfectly complemented by a medium-specific acid structure.

In the color we can discover a reminiscent of slightly greenish shades of lemon.

In its scent we find ourselves facing a real cavalcade of fruits: Citrus fruits, green apples and rose scents guide you through the world of aromas, accompanied by a soft pear scent.

The intensity of its flavors is colored by green apple and pear notes, which are enhanced by the freshness of the citrus fruits, with a more pronounced Grapefuit presence in the aftertaste.

F e t e a s c a R e g a l a

A complex and balanced wine.

The typical aromas of this variety of green apples, citrus, wildflowers, are supported by a pronounced acidity, which integrates perfectly due to the rest of the sugar.

Cold maceration of grapes has given rise to a wine that can be the perfect accompaniment to any moment of self-knowledge.